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  • Sailing Sydney Harbour on our Jeanneau 40

    The Jeanneau 40 is a great vessel for cruising Sydney Harbour. But many a time, clients are not sure whether to take this magnificent model out for a bareboat charter or a skippered yacht charter! You will be pleased to know that Jeanneau 40 is one of the few yachts on the Harbour that can host both a bareboat sailing experience and a skippered yacht charter!

    Sail Sydney on Jeanneau 40 on at Lavender Bay


    One of the reasons Jeanneau 40 is a great choice for both bareboat charter and skippered yacht charter options is the expertise required in sailing the vessel. The designers used sailing modern technology that is much easier to handle. Indeed, anyone looking for a bareboat sailing experience must have the required licenses. Whether you have sailed for years on end, or for just a while, you will find that the yacht is very easy to sail. The same goes for the skippered yacht charter.

    Sail Sydney on Jeanneau 40 on the Harbour

    On-board features

    The on-board features the yacht brags of are perfect for both skippered yacht charter and bareboat charter options. For instance, the galley is well fitted. A five star chef can work perfectly in the galley, producing tasty and delicious meals for guests in a skippered yacht charter that allows for crew members. On the other hand, if on a bareboat sailing adventure, you will still have access to the galley, to prepare your meals as you see fit.

    Sail Sydney on Jeanneau 40 on the Harbour


    The Jeanneau 40 is also very spacious. The upside of this for a skippered yacht charter is that the yacht is quite roomy and there's no need for an additional deckhand! You can sit back and relax on the expansive deck or gather around the cockpit and enjoy some nibblies. In a bareboat charter, you will enjoy all this space to yourself. Guest numbers are still limited to 11 for each charter however, you will have the yacht to yourself to explore Sydney Harbour on your own terms. Click HERE if you would like to see all of our bareboat charter packages.

    Our Jeanneau 40 is without a doubt a great choice for a charter yacht. The best part is that you can have your choice of either a bareboat charter and skippered yacht charter experience on the boat!

  • The Newest Sail Sydney Yacht in Our Fleet

    Any yacht enthusiast gets excited by the thought of a new vessel. Well, if you love yachts, then you can officially get excited as a new yacht has recently been added into the Sailcorp fleet. Pier to Pier is not only modern, but it is pretty much suitable for both a bareboat charter and a skippered charter; making it one convenient vessel. You can, thus, enjoy your sail Sydney adventures in any type of weather.

    Sail Sydney with Pier to Pier

    The main saloon has some large comfortable couches, perfect for a relaxing vacation. The area also has a great entertainment system comprising a flat screen TV and one of the best sound systems in the market. Sit on the comfortable couches, put your legs up and enjoy a nice movie during your skippered charter on Pier to Pier. Alternatively, you can put in your favourite CD and dance to your favourite tunes all through your skippered charter.Sail Sydney with Pier to Pier


    Pier to Pier also has a nice swimming platform that you can enjoy. Jump right into the water during your sail Sydney alongside your friends and family members. If you pick our bareboat charter, do not feel shy to turn off the engines and enjoy exploring the clear waters next to Taronga Zoo.  Sit at the large rear deck and get as many holiday pictures as possible as you pass under the beautiful Harbour Bridge during your sail Sydney experience. Sail Sydney with Pier to Pier

    The yacht has a state of the art galley that you can access all through your sail Sydney. As you sail Sydney, whether on a bareboat charter or a skippered charter, you can serve your guests with their favourite food and drinks. In a skippered charter, you can take up our catering services, where a five star rated chef can prepare your meals. You will also have access to several eskies all through both your bareboat charter and skippered charter.

    Sail Sydney with Pier to Pier

    If you are looking for a sail Sydney experience that will knock your boots off, then sail Sydney on Pier to Pier is a must. Click HERE if you would like to see our bareboat charter packages or HERE for our Skippered Sailing packages.

  • Bareboat Charter or Skippered Sailing?

    Any person looking to cruise around Sydney debates, at some point, on whether to take up a skippered yacht charter or a bareboat charter. If you are reading this, you probably have asked yourself which is best suited for you. Indeed, in order to fully enjoy your cruises, you have to understand that the best type of sailing depends entirely on you. Here are a couple of things you should think about when making your choice:Romantic Sail package

    1. Sailing Experience

    The first thing you have to cross off the list is your sailing experience. If you know how to sail and can handle yourself well on the water, then you can consider taking up bareboat sailing. With bareboat sailing, you will have the yacht all to yourself. It is important that you are able to cruise through different weather conditions on your own. On the other hand, if you have little or no experience, then do take up the skippered sailing offer. In skippered sailing, a professional skipper will take care of the navigation and handling of the yacht.

    If you are a tourist visiting Sydney, you do not necessarily have to have a license. It helps, but a demonstration of your skills is more important.

    Romantic Sunset Sail

    1. Local Knowledge

    Another factor that will be considered if you are looking at bareboat sailing is your local knowledge of the Harbour. There are a few reefs in the Harbour and some well-known treacherous spots. It is important that you are aware of these spots to avoid running aground. After all, your aim is to enjoy yourself. If you are not confident with your local knowledge then you’re probably better off taking up the skippered sailing package.

    Bareboat Charter on Bavaria 34

    1. Type of Event/Cruise

    The type of cruise you are looking into will also determine whether you should take up the skippered sailing or bareboat sailing offers. If you are having a big event, then skippered sailing is your best bet as the crew will help you with your guests. If you are having an event with a few family and friends, then you can take up bareboat sailing. The seawind 1000 for example can host up to 20 guests on a skippered charter however, is limited to 12 guests on a bareboat charter.

    Bareboat charter on seawind 1000 Harbour Bridge background

    1. Time

    The duration of the boat hire is also very important to consider. You would prefer bareboat sailing if your cruise is long. For overnight and extended charters for example, it would be impractical to have a skipper on board. On the other hand, in order to completely enjoy a short cruise, consider taking up the skippered sailing offer. If you are only looking at being out on the water for 4-8 hours, then the skippered sailing packages will give you the freedom to sit back, relax and enjoy everything that Sydney has to offer!

    Another option you may want to consider is a private cruise on a luxury yacht or catamaran. Agents such as Any Boat and Luxury Boat Hire specialise in private Harbour cruises.

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