Yacht Owner's Favourite Fashion Cruising Brands

Whether you are in it for the exciting and adventurous sailing regattas, or for the relaxing experience, apparel and the sailing fashion you own and wear during your sailing adventures are very important. Different types of sailing cruises will require different clothing. You will need some durable outfits for that sailing regatta you are looking to join, while at the same, need some classy sportswear for soaking in the summer sun on the deck of your yacht. Sailing fashion is a serious thing and below are some of the more popular classic cruising brands that you should have for your next cruise.


Best for intense sailing cruises and regattas, Dubarry are well-known for their durable sailing footwear. This sailing fashion brand combines traditional and modern materials to come up with not only durable, but also very comfortable footwear. Yacht owners with vessels with delicate floors will be pleased to know that they can find the best footwear from Dubarry. The Marco x LT Deck Shoe is perfect for fair weather while the Crosshaven Sailing Boot is perfect for the rough seas. Sailing Fashion


Musto is well known for classy and stylish leisurewear. One of the best features of the Musto sportswear is their practicality. With over 50 years of experience in designing outfits fit for proper sailing, the brand is a must have to all seeking to look and feel good during their sailing experience. Musto also teamed up with W. L. Gore to create durable, classy and breathable sportswear that are perfect for all types of weather. You can look at the LPX Gore-Tex Jacket for fair weather and the MPX Gore-Tex Offshore Jacket for stormy weather.

Sailing FashionSailing Fashion


Sperry is another great sailing fashion brand for sailing footwear. The Sperry 7 Pro Boat Shoe is perfect for stormy weather while the Authentic Original 2-eye boat shoe is great for stormy weather. All their products are durable, comfortable and stylish. Sailing Fashion

Henri Lloyd

With practicality and style in mind, all designs from Henri Lloyd give you a dreamy connection with the water. The brand is very popular with famous cruisers such as Sir Francis Chichester, who choose Henri Lloyd designs every so often. Check out their Elite Offshore Jacket for stormy weather and their Cool Breeze Jacket for fair weather.

Sailing Fashion

Helly Hansen

Known for their high performance, protective and stylish designs, Helly Hansen are another must have for any yacht owner. Check out their Daeg Jacket for fair weather and Aegir Race Jacket for the stormy weather. You will most definitely love their Scandinavian designs due to their authenticity.

Sailing Fashion

We are fairly serious about sailing and whether you are out on a bareboat charter or skippered yacht charter, looking the part is just as important as playing the part!